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You probably recognize it... when you walk up to your vehicle while it is in the sun or under certain lighting, you will see that there are all swirls (washing scratches) in your paint. These are all circles caused by incorrectly washing the car or as a result of the washing brushes of the car washing lane. Especially on a dark color this is very visible and disturbing. There is only one thing to do: polish your car! This gives the paint back its specular reflections!


Also with  older cars the paint often becomes very dull as a result of oxidation, there is no nice deep shine anymore. Sin! This means your car could use some love and attention!
Polishing a car is a serious matter that you prefer not to do on the street.


When is the best time to polish a vehicle?:

Dull paint
Insect attack
Circles (wax scratches) in the paint
Light scratches in the paint
Bitten stains from bird droppings
Neglected appearance of the vehicle
lime water stains
Old stickers that are visible through wear of the paint.


Polishing is craftsmanship. Ultimately, it is only the result that counts.

If you just want to restore the shine of your car, a one-step polishing treatment is often sufficient.

As soon as scratches and swirls have to be repaired, several steps are quickly necessary, sometimes even sanding.


That is why we prefer to give a personal offer for your vehicle!
You can always request one,  without obligation.


But you are not only at the right place for exteriors!
We also thoroughly clean interiors.

We will work with you to see what your interior needs for treatment.


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